Friday, October 31, 2014

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There are approximately 250 teenagers participating in The Possibility Project each year in the U.S.  There are hundreds of additional youth participating internationally in Israel and in Cape Town, South Africa.

Over 2,000 teenagers have completed the year-long Possibility Project.

Possibility Project youth have created 56 original musicals since 2000. This year, Possibility Project youth will produce eight original musical productions in the U.S.

The Possibility Project has performed for over 40,000 live audiences since 2001.

Awards and Recognition

  • Founder and President Paul Griffin appeared on the Bob Edwards Show on Sirius Radio in 2009. Read more.
  • Awarded the Union Square Arts Award in 2007 (as City at Peace-New York). Read more.
  • Chosen by Women in Film to receive the production of a PSA on behalf of the program in 2005 (as City at Peace-Los Angeles).
  • Paul Griffin was awarded the National Award for Service by the Hamilton Fish Institute of George Washington University in 2005. He also received the Changemaker Award from Public Allies. Read more.
  • Artists and youth were named “New Yorkers of the Week” in May 2004 (as City at Peace-New York).
  • Featured by Paul Sladkus on NYC Radio in 2002 (as City at Peace-New York).
  • Received the 2001 Mead Award (as City at Peace) Read more.
  • Featured in an HBO documentary entitled “city at peace” in 1999.
  • Named a Promising Practice by the President Clinton’s Commission on Race in 1998 (as City at Peace-Charlotte). Read more.
  • Was the subject of a special on “Nightline with Ted Koppel” in 1995 (as City at Peace).
  • Featured in the NY Daily News, Newsday, Greater Good, Charlotte Observer, Baton Rouge Advocate, Santa Barbara Magazine, The Santa Barbara Independent. The Possibility Project has also appeared on numerous local television news programs and cable shows.