Sunday, December 11, 2016

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Mailing ListThe Possibility Project is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization operating three programs for youth in New York City.

The Possibility Project also works with partner organizations in four additional U.S. cities to create and sustain local Possibility Projects in their communities. Read more about our partner programs.

Our Vision

A society where teenagers are valued, respected and play a leading role in creating a better world.

Our Mission

We empower teenagers to transform the negative forces in their lives into positive action. Using the performing arts and community action as vehicles, our teenagers learn to build relationships across differences, resolve conflicts without violence, take on their responsibility to others, and lead.

Our Values

Cross-Cultural understanding: We believe in, understand, value and respect diversity. We actively pursue diversity in every aspect of the organization: youth participants, staff, volunteers, contributors and board members.

Youth leadership:: We believe in, understand and increase the power of young people to become leaders. We give them opportunities to learn and exercise that power both on stage and in their lives. We motivate them by holding them to the highest standards of achievement, and by consistently expressing the joy and excitement we feel while working with them.

Integrity: The Possibility Project is operated in a manner consistent with its mission at every point in its operations.

Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all areas of operation, including the performing arts, programming, community support and action, financial support, and the administration of the program

Our Program

The Possibility Project brings together vastly diverse groups of teenagers who meet weekly for a year. Through a combination of issue-oriented discussions, trainings in diversity, conflict resolution, leadership and community activism, instruction in the full range of performing arts, and the creation of scenes and writing, the youth cast writes, produces and performs an original musical based on their lives and their ideas for change. In addition, they design and lead community action projects on issues of concern to them in order to take their creative vision for change into the world.

Through the program, our young people develop skills in cross-cultural understanding, non-violent conflict resolution, leadership, community responsibility, self-efficacy, and the performing arts and achieve academic advancement. Our aim is to increase the confidence and independence of teenagers as they move into adulthood, and to create the next generation of creative leadership that is capable of unifying our diverse populations to resolve the most pressing social issues that we face.