Sunday, December 11, 2016

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The Possibility Project has received generous support in the past year from the following foundations, corporations government agencies and individuals. Our local programs in other cities received contributions from thousands more individuals – far too many to list here.

To read a list of our financial supporters, click on any of the bars below.

If you would like to support The Possibility Project, click the “Donate Now” button to the right. We welcome any and all contributions!

Our most heartfelt thanks to one and all for playing an important part in our story!


Andrus Family Fund
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Jacqueline K. Shay Charitable Foundation
The Pinkerton Foundation
The Susan Crown Exchange


The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund
The Charles Lawrence Keith and Clara Miller Foundation
Gaea Foundation
HB Oppenheimer Foundation
The Joseph Leroy & Ann C. Warner Fund
NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs
Redlich Horwitz Foundation
Solon E. Sommerfield Foundation
Starbucks Foundation
Viola W. Bernard Foundation


Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation
The Barmore Fund
Mitchell Barnes
Blue Ridge Capital
Himan Brown Charitable Trust
The Howard Gilman Foundation
IECA Foundation
Tal Litvin
Marymount School of NY
Cathy Raduns and Steven Silverstein
Carol Rizzo
Mina Samuels
Variety, The Children’s Charity of NY


Abauman Family Foundation
Jennifer Allyn
Mary Catherine Bateson
Michelle Borre & Robert Massick
Shirley Brice Heath
Lucy Chan
Kevin Erlich
Favaro Family Foundation
Ron Flowers
The Geoffrey Gund Foundation
Thomas Gibbons
Sylvia Golden
Marilyn Hennessy
Mel and Mary Jo Howard
Joel Isaacson
The Jamie & Sarah Kresberg Chartable Fund
The New World Foundation
Gerald Ng
Retirement Research Foundation
Marc & Jodi Schneider
The Susan A. & Donald P. Babson Foundation
The Thompson Street Charitable Fund
The Tierney Family Foundation
United Way of Northern New Jersey
Donald and Katerine Weida
Cheryl and Mo Willems
Jacqueline Zwirner


William Abrams
Brian Berk
Ed & Eileen Bernau
Lisa Cader
Dr. Johnetta B. Cole
Chris H. Cowperthwait
Lanise T. Green
Jennifer Havens, MD
Douglas J. Hennessy
Carole and Richard Hochhauser
Merck Partnership for Giving
Walt Miles
Marcus Montenecourt
Phillips-Van Heusen Foundation
David Silverman
Spencer Foundation
Rhonda Zapatka


Nancy C. Ackerman
Ronald E. Barney
Ellen Conklin
Brett and Barbara Devine
Sara Fitzpatrick
Eileen H. Griffin
James Griffin
Debra Gurvitz
Duane F. Hampton
Janet Heisey
Frank Lenhert
Jeffrey Linderman
Michael and Karen Perischilli Keogh
Joyce Richardson
Cathy Salit
Angela Salomon
Nora Sullivan
Sue Lee Troutman
Barbara Wallner
Rosanna C. Zuckerman & Richard Cox


The Benevity Community Courtney Broadus
Susan Brown
Mary Canner
Thomas E. Chomicz
Santa & Joyce Claus
Kevin Confoy
John & Dolores Coughlin
Francis & Sara Curley
Dante Degidio
Joseph Dehaven
John Dillon
John Droge
Susanna Flores
Russell and Sandra Flowers
Frances Greenburger Charitable Fund
Alma Gillon
Dominick Giuffrida
Lee and Sandra Goldfarb
Andrew and Lois Golian
Ellen Hall
Kate Hampton
Donald B. & Ruth J. Henderson
Susan Huff
Impact Fund
Keri Jevic
Fran Jones
Lisa Y. Karlin
Joshua Kashinsky
Paul & Mary Kearney
Isaac Klein
Linda Lam
Richard Lehmann
Philip H. Lillienthal
Mary Jo Maddux
Joanna Mantello
Peter Matthes
Gifford Miller
Marilyn J. Miller
Robin Noble-Zolin
Mary Alice O’Connor
Thomas Parks
Linda Paul
Patricia and John Pellegrini
Lance Pressl and Martha Cotton
Cybele Raver
Susan Richter
Doug Robinson
Nicholas Scoppetta
Chanemia Singleton
Joseph G. Sonnefeldt
Maria Striar
Manuel D. Vargas
Brenda and Jason Willensky
Jingwen Zheng


Amazon Smile Foundation
Dina Baker
Meghan Bartley
Debbi and Jay Baum
Leslye D. Brown
Rose A. Caputo
Aaron Cargill
Eileen Chin
Crossroads Trading Co.
Richard Day
Janiace DelValle
James K. Dougherty and Nancy M. Borzain
Paulina Dupont-Passigli
Florence T. Ealy
Jim Edwards
Edna Felix
James and Susan Gelman
Margaret Gifford
Roy Graves
Leslie Greenspan
Sheila Griffin
Helen Hong-George
Josheph Hurd
Cheryl K. Ikemiya
Elyse Kantrowitz
John Karrel and Susan Lloyd
Fredda and Jerry Kray
D. Antoinette Kirwan
Rosie Levin
Orville Lewis
Stacey Lieberman
Vicki Light
William and Anne Lohnes
Benton Lyster
David McCorkle
Greta Minsky
Sheila Murdock
Frank and Barbara Newhard
Eva Obadia
Janet Perez
Geri Perkal
Sanford and Ina Ramras
Dana Raphael
Calvin and Joann Rich
Roy and Pauline Ruffin
Andrew M. Salomon
Erika Salomon
Paul Schmitz
Stephanie Schreckinger
Bernard & Louise Sledz
Swandajani Suseno
Ashley Waghorne
David & Edna Ward
Michael Ware
Allan Weiner
Jane Zamost
Janet Zinn