Thursday, April 24, 2014

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The Possibility Project has received generous support in the past year from the following foundations, corporations government agencies and individuals. Our local programs in other cities received contributions from thousands more individuals – far too many to list here.

To read a list of our financial supporters, click on any of the bars below.

If you would like to support The Possibility Project, click the “Donate Now” button to the right. We welcome any and all contributions!

Our most heartfelt thanks to one and all for playing an important part in our story!


Andrus Family Fund
Korean American Community Foundation
Oppenheimer Brothers Foundation


Brian Boyer
Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund
Charles Lawrence Keith & Clara Miller Foundation
Jacqueline K. Shay Charitable Foundation
Solon E. Summerfield Foundation
The Starbucks Foundation
The Joseph LeRoy and Ann C. Warner Fund, Inc.


Blue Ridge Capital
Lucy Chan
Gaea Foundation
The Geoffrey Gund Fund
Richard and Carole Hochhauser
Agathe LeRolle
Shomita Mandal
Cathy Raduns and Steven Silverstein
Sarah Sherber
Mina Samuels and David Foster
Progress Investment Management
Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation


Amigos Del Museo Del Barrio Inc.
The Barmore Fund
Jonathan and Susan Bram
Peter Daneker
Morton Davis
Brett and Holly Flowers
Ron Flowers
Jesse and Amanda Glickenhaus
Bradd Gold
Gold Family Foundation
Goldman Sachs
Marilyn Hennessy
Mel and Mary Jo Howard
Joel Isaacson & Co.
The Jamie and Sarah Kresberg Charitable Fund
John S. and Florence G. Lawrence Foundation
Tal Litvin
Lisa and Rudolph Machacek
New World Foundation
Jeff Palk
David Peltz
Claire Reed and Jonathan Scheinbart
The Retirement Research Foundation
Carol Rizzo
Joanne Rosen and Amy Cappellazzo
Nadia Saliba
Guy Scalzi
Ellen Schall and Steve Kelban
Joseph Silvestri and Carolyn Risoli
Jane Steinberg
The Atlantic Philanthropies Employee Gift Fund
Tierney Family Foundation
United Technologies
Mo and Cheryl Willems


A and J Fund
Ryan Berris
Lisa Cader
Ellyn Charlestein-Phillips
Chutorian-Semler Family Foundation
Johnnetta Cole
Eileen Griffin
Martin Griffin
Merck Partnership For Giving
Angela and Joel Solomon
Salamon-Abrams Family Fund
Jodi and Marc Schneider
Jean and Larry Schultis
H. Eric and Tracy Semler
David Silverman


Victor Benson
Alfred and E.M. Blitzer
Michelle Borre
Ellen Conklin
Betty and Marvin Cooper
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Nancy Eppler-Wolff
Saul and Roberta Epstein
Eva and David Fenning
Susanna Flores
Janet Heisey
Douglas Hennessy
D.S. Huntington Company, LLC
Elizabeth Krajewski
Michelle Mackay
Pablo Melasecca and Adriana Tortoledo
Doug and Wallis Mertes
Marilyn Miller
Antony and Christina Mott
Herbert E. Nass and Associates
NYS Citizens’ Coalition For Children
Alison Pavia and Franz Paasche
Leo Piovano
USB Matching Gift Program
Stephen and Cathy Weinroth
Suh Yoon


Nancy Ackerman
Ennius and Judy Bergsma
Courtney and Christian Broadus
Martin O. Brown
Edward Chaney and Mandy Hitchcock
Lisa Chess
Thomas Chomicz
Suzanne Davis
Brett Devine
Konstantin Driker and Irina Sabourova
Polly Dupont
Simone Girner
Lee Goldfarb and Sandra
Andrew Golian
Leslie Greenspan
Sheila Griffin
Edith Holzer
Steve Horwitz
John Hughes
Karen Hyland
Fran Jones
Paul and Mary Kearney
Fredda and Jerry Kray
James and Sarah Kresberg
Eve Leeman
Charlie Leerhsen and Sarah Saffian
Phil Lilienthal
Robert and Barbara Longo
LP Lawn and Landscaping Inc.
Mary Jo Maddux
Rachel and Bob Makofsky
Peter Matthes
J.E. McCarthy and Associates, Inc.
Manny Vargas and Nancy Morawetz
Robin Noble-Zolin
Olesky Family Foundation
Jorge Ortoll
Lia Pascal
Pension Parameters Financial
Services, Inc.
Amy Phillips
Cathy Ponczek
Lance Pressl and Martha Cotton
Tina Raver and Chris Metesen
Kristin Reyna
Susan Richter
Carol Rizzo
Sung Rno
Arvey Rogers and Joan Rosenberg
Betsy Schiff
Bruce Seide
Pamela Sheehan
Joseph Sonnefeldt
Naomi Stanhaus
Maria Striar
Laura Teusink
Sue Lee Troutman
United Way
Caroline Wamsler
Frederick Wendel
Brenda and Jason Wilensky
John and Nancy Wolff
Susan and Jerry Zeiders


Cynthia Adler
Americana Manhasset
Danny Washington
Richard Burke
Lilian Caruana
Jeanine DeFalco
Peter Feldmann
James Griffin
Joe Hurd
Cheryl Ikemiya
Dillon Kelly
Mary Beth Kelly
Francine Klimavicius
Suzanne Klotz
Andre Knights
Lynne Krysa
Matt Lambert
Randi Lerohl and Thomas Manning
Vicki Light
Judith Loeb
Banko Lucia
Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris
Ann Lyons
David McCorkle
Joe McWhorter and June Fair
Jerome Phillips
Sanford and Ina Ramras
Dana Raphael
Roy Rathbun
Karina Saltman
Victoria Santiago
Paul Schmitz
Stephanie Schreckinger
Swan Suseno
Theodore Tsoumas
Richard and Cheryl Ugland
Elizabeth and Michael Venuti
Brynn Wallace