Saturday, April 18, 2015

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The Possibility Project has received generous support in the past year from the following foundations, corporations government agencies and individuals. Our local programs in other cities received contributions from thousands more individuals – far too many to list here.

To read a list of our financial supporters, click on any of the bars below.

If you would like to support The Possibility Project, click the “Donate Now” button to the right. We welcome any and all contributions!

Our most heartfelt thanks to one and all for playing an important part in our story!


Andrus Family Fund
Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund
Susan Crown Exchange
Korean American Community Foundation
The Pinkerton Foundation


The F.B. Heron Foundation
Charles Lawrence Keith & Clara Miller Foundation
NYC Department of Cultural Affairs
Jacqueline K. Shay Charitable Foundation
The Starbucks Foundation
Solon E. Summerfield Foundation
The Joseph LeRoy and Ann C. Warner Fund


The Barmore Fund
Blue Ridge Capital
Lucy Chan
The Chutorian-Semler Family Foundation
Gaea Foundation
Jesse and Amanda Glickenhaus
The Geoffrey Gund Foundation
Richard and Carole Hochhauser
Arik Kashper
Shomita Mandal
Cathy Raduns and Steven Silverstein
The Retirement Research Foundation
Carol Rizzo
The San Francisco Foundation
Guy Scalzi
Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher Foundationn


The Atlantic Philanthropies Employee Gift Fund
Roger Beit
Jonathan and Susan Bram
Buell Securities Corp
Tina Chiu
Peter Daneker
Morton Davis
Exploring The Arts
Ron Flowers
Emily Giske
Sylvia Golden
Goldman Sachs Gives
Goldman Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program
Good Shepherd Services
Robin Grossman
Marilyn Hennessy
Mel and Mary Jo Howard
Joel Isaacson & Co.
Garnetta Kramer Charitable Foundation
The Jamie and Sarah Kresberg Charitable Fund
John S. and Florence G. Lawrence Foundation
Agathe LeRolle
Tal Litvin
New World Foundation
Jeff Palk
David Peltz
Karen Persichelli-Keogh
Daniel Petrozzo
Claire Reed and Jonathan Scheinbart
Joanne Rosen and Amy Cappellazzo
Nadia Saliba
Mina Samuels and David Foster
Lawrence Schultis
Sarah Sherber
Jane Steinberg
Mo and Cheryl Willems
Jacqueline Zwirner


William Abrams and Julie Salamon
Victor Benson
Ed and Eileen Bernau
Lisa Cader
Ellyn Charlestein-Phillips
Johnnetta Cole
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
S. Korash
Michelle Mackay
Merck Partnership for Giving
Philip and Mary Riley
H. and Tracy Semler
Isaac Silvera
Angela and Joel Solomon
Randal Turner
Donald and Katherine Weida


Nancy Ackerman
Michelle Borre
Betty and Marvin Cooper
D.S. Huntington Company, LLC
Nancy Eppler-Wolff
Stefanie Felser
Michael Gerstenzang
Duane Hampton
Jennifer F. Havens
Janet Heisey
Douglas Hennessy
Karen Hyland
Elizabeth Krajewski
Martha Livingston
Doug and Wallis Mertes
Dave Micciulla
Marilyn Miller
Polly Mygatt
NYS Citizens’ Coalition For Children
Cathy Salit
Starr Foundation
Barbara and Robert Wallner
Stephen and Cathy Weinroth
Suh Yoon
Rosanna Cox Zuckerman


Robert Alevizos
Beth Barrar
Ennius and Judy Bergsma
Courtney and Christian Broadus
Martin Brown
Edward Chaney and Mandy
Gary Charlstein
Lisa Chess
Thomas Chomicz
Santa and Joyce Claus
Alice Connor
Konstantin Driker and Irina
Polly Dupont
Suzy Edelstein
Alan Epstein and Yvonne Tropp
Susanna Flores
Barbara Gelber
Judy Gelber
Simone Girner
Lee Goldfarb and Sandra Eisenstark
Andrew Golian
Harry and Ruth Graff
Elizabeth Griffin
James Griffin
Wendy Haft
Marilyn Hellman
Frances Jones
Gloria Lazarus
Martin Liebling
Phil Lilienthal
Mark and Rachel Lipschutz
Peter and Rosemary Lombardo
Martin Madorsky
Kevin Marren
Petter Matthes
Manny Vargas and Nancy Morawetz
Dorris Notarius
Jorge Ortoll
Lia Pascal
Amy Phillips
Cathy Ponczek
Lance Pressl and Martha Cotton
Joyce Richardson
Susan Richter
Sung Rno
Nelson Rodriguez
Arvey Rogers and Joan Rosenberg
Barry Rosenberg
Betsy Schiff
David Schwimmer
Pamela Sheehan
Diane Shekter
Matthew Silverstein
Joseph Silvestri and Carolyn Risoli
Naomi Stanhaus
Maria Striar
Michael Swigert
Gina Tarantino
Laura Teusink
Angelica Towne
Verizon Foundation
Caroline Wamsler
Brenda and Jason Wilensky
Rhonda Zapatka
Janet Zinn


Celia Aguayo
Americana Manhasset
Harry Berberian
Sarah Berns
Lauren Byington-Noll
Jon and Ellen Channing
Marshall Cook
Kia Corthron
Astrid Cravens
Crossroads Trading Co
Calla Goldberg
Lauri Goldkind
Timarie Harrigan
Roger Horton
Joseph Hurd
Cheryl Ikemiya
Will Jaeger
Martha Johns
John Karrel
D. Antoinette Kirwan
Francine Klimavicius
Suzanne Klotz
Fredda and Jerry Kray
Craig Kuehl
Steven Landuyt
Karen Latorre
Susan Lazarus
Charlie Leerhsen and Sarah Saffian
Jessica Levy
Vicki Light
Judith Loeb
Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris
Kathleen and Robert Murray
Robin Noble-Zolin
Linda Paul
Sanford and Ina Ramras
Dana Raphael
Stacy Rogers
Dawn Saffayeh
Karina Saltman
Victoria Santiago
Fannie Scheier
Paul Schmitz
Swan Suseno
Sue Lee Troutman
Richard and Cheryl Ugland
Melissa Wade
Brynn Wallace
Martha Ullman West
Allan and Paula Weiner