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New Videos and Photos

New Videos: “Ready, Set… Show!”

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The Possibility Project premiered its 16th original musical in New York City April 29-May 3, 2011. A few clips from the show are included below.

About the Show: A Band of Performers comes to the stage to reveal an artistic understanding of the lives of teenagers. The ‘show’ they produce takes us through stories of friendship, family, secrets, aspirations, loyalty and loss. They quickly learn, however, that the script is not what they had planned; they discover a group of young people striving to outrun the fate that awaits them, provoking questions for which they have no ready answers… Does the past dictate the future? Can any moment in time contain an understanding of a generation? As the Band of Performers hold their mirror up to reality, they seek to understand what it takes to change the story.

DVDs of this production are available for purchase in our store.

Opening Number

The “Master of Ceremonies” introduces the cast of teenagers struggling with various obstacles in their lives. Music by Danny Rockett, Choreography by Rozz Nash.

Self-Respect Dance 1

Three young women battle insecurities and struggle to find their self-worth. Music by Danny Rockett, Choreography by Marguerite Hemmings.

Self-Respect Dance 2

Three young women find strength in themselves and through each other. Music by Danny Rockett, Choreography by Marguerite Hemmings.

Closing Number

Music by Danny Rockett, Choreography by Marguerite Hemmings.

Safe Sex Flash Mob

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This fall, The Possibility Project undertook a large scale community action project in NYC. Our After-School cast, who will premiere their original musical in February 2011, chose to tackle the issue of safe sex and condom use in response to the rising number of their peers contracting STDs and the accompanying social stigma around condom usage. Our youth wanted to create a buzz around using protection, sending a message that it is “cool” for sexually active young people to wear a condom.

They chose to spread their message by creating a dance to the song “Ribbons” (by the popular Lady Gaga). The group rehearsed for three weeks with choreographer and Possibility Project volunteer Alana Hartman. Then, on the evening of October 19th, the youth presented a flash mob performance in Washington Square Park. The event was presented in collaboration with Judson Memorial Church, who donated space for rehearsals and had several church members join the dance with our youth.

“Face It”

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Facebook famous Miranda and her older brother Brandon, a young journalist sent on his first assignment to cover the international scene, lead us on a virtual trip around the world. As Brandon discovers the harsh realities facing the world, Miranda begins to face her own isolation and the disillusionment it brings as she watches her friends confront the pressures of poverty, family secrets, falling in love, and abuse. In a world of ever more technological advance, the characters find they have fewer and fewer people to turn to. Will they stop running from the challenges in their lives? Will they find the courage to turn around and face what stands in their way?

Audience Feedback

Well acted, honest.
Reminds me of the resiliency of kids.
We need this program in schools!
It made me think of how people can change the world for the better.
This was very touching and made me realize to be myself.
All of the cast members brought different emotions. The communication in this play made me have love for every person around.
SO Impressive!!! I can tell how much hard work went into this work of art.
The play was AMAZING!!!
Awesome. Powerful. Thransforming
Touched me deeply.
Thank you!
I cried my contact lense out!
Totally wonderful. I think this project is fantastic.Fantastic, Inspiring! Roller-coaster of emotion.
Yay for the gay story! Right on – and bold! Thank
I was here with my Grandma and she LOVED IT!
Each story had a powerful impact on what teens go through today.
I had fun!
Opened my eyes
Gave me hope!
It was so real and emotional!

“Here and There”

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A young poet, Will, and his best friend, Terry, lead us on a journey to distant places, forgotten pasts, and the all too real present that young people face. Torn by the conditions of their lives and the choices they must make, they hope to learn what it takes to create the life they want to live and the world they will inherit.

“The Next and Last Stop Is…”

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The performance takes the audience on a “subway ride” through the lives of a diverse group of teenagers at various stages of their foster care experience. Led by Nickel and Dime, two young subway entertainers whose goal is to entertain and enlighten (as well as make some money in the process!), the characters face an eye-opening set of obstacles as they enter, exist in, and exit foster care, learning what it takes to overcome the challenges they face and rise above tragedy to create a new vision for their future – and ours.

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