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Research Report Released: Foster Care Program

By June 8, 2016Recent News

The Possibility Project recently received the final report on our Foster Care research project, and the findings demonstrate the important impact we are making for our foster care youth. The study examines the long-term effect of TPP on the interpersonal, emotional, and identity challenges that foster care teenagers face and on their efforts to become successful adults. It explored the life experiences of our youth after they left TPP, as well as compared the effects of the Foster Care Program against the impact of our Saturday and After-School Programs.

The report found that our alumni who have aged out of care are significantly less likely to be parents as young adults or to be arrested or convicted of a crime; they are significantly more likely to be involved in civic engagement activities; and a majority are using the self-regulation and conflict resolution skills learned in the program in their lives now. We also learned that our foster care youth are learning and improving their communication skills at the same high level as the youth in our general programs. One important area for future improvement that the research indicated was expanding our work with our alums to more intentionally transfer and apply what they learned in our program to their lives as young adults after the program. We have already begun discussing this challenge with some of our alums to determine the best ways to close that gap. This study, funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, was conducted by Dr. Michael Hanchett Hanson, President of Contexts R+D, in consultation with Dr. Anne Martin. The full report is available upon request. Contact Us.

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