Sunday, December 11, 2016

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There are several ways to support The Possibility Project.  Below are some ways you can contribute to the work we do. 

E-mail us to inquire about any of these opportunities.
Read profiles of Possibility Project volunteers

FAPs (Friendly Adult Presences)

Attend rehearsals and assist as needed, act as “gatekeeper” for the rehearsal room, run errands, and act as a “friendly adult presence” in the room.

  • Dates:  Throughout the year, Weekday afternoons & Saturdays
  • Commitment:  3 to 7 hours per days, depending on schedule, as often as you’d like.

Premiere Performance Help 

Help out at the theatre during show week.  Activities include setting up the lobby, greeting and ushering guests to their seats, and assisting with ticketing.

  • Dates:  Late-February, Late-May, Late-September
  • Commitment:  5 hours per day, 1-5 days (can do one, some, or all days)

Administrative Help 

Assist administrative staff with various office-related tasks.

  • Dates:  As needed
  • Commitment:  Flexible (daytime hours only)

Community Action Research Help 

Assist our youth with online research of social issues for use during Community Action Projects.

  • Dates:  Mid-March, Early-June, Mid-August, Late-November
  • Commitment:  2 hours per day, after-school hours


Document Community Action events and/or film performances.  We provide equipment and some basic how-to’s, but some knowledge of filming equipment is a plus.

  • Dates:  Late-January, Mid-February, Mid-May, Late-May, Mid-August, Late-September, Late-November
  • Commitment:  3 hours per event

College Application Help 

Work one-on-one with our youth to navigate college application process, review essays, search for scholarships, submit financial aid, etc.

  • Dates:  Throughout the year, after school hours
  • Commitment:  2 hours per session

IT Assistance

Help our staff with computer issues and answer questions on technical things.

  • Dates:  Throughout the year as needed
  • Commitment:  5 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the issue