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New Videos: “Ready, Set… Show!”

August 12, 2011 by  
Filed under New Videos and Photos

The Possibility Project premiered its 16th original musical in New York City April 29-May 3, 2011. A few clips from the show are included below.

About the Show: A Band of Performers comes to the stage to reveal an artistic understanding of the lives of teenagers. The ‘show’ they produce takes us through stories of friendship, family, secrets, aspirations, loyalty and loss. They quickly learn, however, that the script is not what they had planned; they discover a group of young people striving to outrun the fate that awaits them, provoking questions for which they have no ready answers… Does the past dictate the future? Can any moment in time contain an understanding of a generation? As the Band of Performers hold their mirror up to reality, they seek to understand what it takes to change the story.

DVDs of this production are available for purchase in our store.

Opening Number

The “Master of Ceremonies” introduces the cast of teenagers struggling with various obstacles in their lives. Music by Danny Rockett, Choreography by Rozz Nash.

Self-Respect Dance 1

Three young women battle insecurities and struggle to find their self-worth. Music by Danny Rockett, Choreography by Marguerite Hemmings.

Self-Respect Dance 2

Three young women find strength in themselves and through each other. Music by Danny Rockett, Choreography by Marguerite Hemmings.

Closing Number

Music by Danny Rockett, Choreography by Marguerite Hemmings.

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