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Click any of the black bars below for a list of opportunities for young people. Want to post your organization’s programs here? E-mail us at info@the-possibility-project.org.

Jobs and Internships

What: Recycle-A-Bicycle Youth Program and Internship
Where: Recycle-A-Bicycle
Find out more: http://www.recycleabicycle.org/youth-programs

What: DYCD Young Adult Internship
Where: NYC Department of Youth and Community Development
Find out more: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dycd/html/jobs/young_adult_internship_program.shtml

What: Youth Board
Where: Love and Water Designs
Find out more: caley@loveandwaterdesigns.org

What: Internships
Where: TADA!
Find out more: www.tadatheater.com/jobs.asp

What: Peer Leader: Teens Against Sexual Ignorance
Where: The Door
Find out more: www.door.org/programs-services/job-internships/teens-against-sexual-ignorance

What: Theatre Administration Internship
Where: Roundabout Theatre Company
Find out more: www.roundabouttheatre.org/internships

What: Paid Apprenticeship
Where: Rocking The Boat
Find out more: www.rockingtheboat.org/programs/

What: College Intern (Media/Journalism)
Where: Children’s Press Line
Find out more: www.cplmedia.org/want_to_join.html#childrenteens

Programs for Youth

What: Represent Magazine Open House for Writers (For Youth 15-21)
Where: Youth Communication, 224 W. 29th St., 2nd floor
Find out more: More info at: http://www.representmag.org/write/represent.html

What: High School Video Workshop (Tuesdays and Thursdays after school)
Where: The Jewish Museum
Find out more: http://www.thejewishmuseum.org/highschoolvideo

What: Leadership and Arts Programs (Girls)
Where: New Settlement Apartments
Find out more: More info at: www.facebook.com/NSAGirlsProgram

What: High School Video Workshop (Tuesdays and Thursdays after school)
Where: The Jewish Museum
Find out more: http://www.thejewishmuseum.org/highschoolvideo

What: Theatre Program for LGBTQ Youth
Where: Theatre Askew
Find out more: Call (646)338-3057. More info at: www.reelworks.org.php

What: Fall Film Lab (After School)
Where: Reel Works
Find out more: http://www.reelworks.org/rw/programs/the_lab/

What: Writing Workshops (After School)
Where: Urban Word
Find out more: www.urbanwordnyc.org/uwnyc/index.php?q=MainSiteWordshops

What: YouthAction NYC (Civic Engagement)
Where: Citizens Committee for Children
Find out more: www.cccnewyork.org/youthactionnyc.html

What: Student Production Workshop (Theatre)
Where: Roundabout Theatre Company
Find out more: www.roundabouttheatre.org/e07_students.htm

What: Free Art Classes (Saturday Program)
Where: The Cooper Union School of Art
Find out more: www.saturdayoutreach.org/temp/saturday_welcome.html

What: Community Activism (LGBT)
Where: Live Out Loud
Find out more: www.liveoutloud.info/wp/programs/our-programs/

Education, College Prep And Scholarships

What: Scholarship Search Engine
Where: GoodCall
Find out more: www.goodcall.com/scholarships/search

What: Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
Where: Alliance for Young Artists and Writers
Find out more: www.artandwriting.org

What: Transfer school for students looking to receive a high school diploma
Where: City-As-School
Find out more: www.city-as.net

What: Kohl’s Kids Who Care Scholarship Program (6-18)
Where: Khol’s Corporation
Find out more: www.kohlscorporation.com/CommunityRelations/scholarship/index.asp

What: Free Online Scholarship Database
Find out more: http://www.fastweb.com

What: CUNY Scholarship info
Find out more: www.cuny.edu/admissions/financial-aid/grants-scholarships.html

What: National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts Scholarship
Find out more: www.hispanicarts.org/scholarshipmenu.htm

Events for Young People

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