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Our New Board Chair

By June 22, 2016Recent News

Beth Strobel
In October, Elizabeth “Beth” Strobel was named Chair of The Possibility Project’s Board of Directors. We have been lucky to have Beth as a supporter for many years. When she moved back to New York City, we were thrilled to welcome her to our board. In her new role as Chair, she will be responsible for ensuring the organization’s cohesion and productivity toward our goals and objectives as we continue to grow. We asked Beth to reflect on her experience with The Possibility Project…

Why did you join TPP as a board member?
BS: I’ve been familiar with TPP for many years, and I was always impressed by the organization. I’d attended shows before I moved to San Francisco and when I was visiting New York and provided financial support. When I moved back to New York City, a friend of mine—and current TPP board member—approached me about joining the board. It was perfect timing because I was looking for deeper involvement with a nonprofit. I’ve always been involved in many social causes, but I wanted to find somewhere to focus my time and support and make a real impact. I was excited about TPP, in particular, because it is truly achieving its mission of empowering teenagers, and as a board member I have the opportunity to feel connected to that mission and to engage regularly with the teens in the program.

What impact do you aim to make in TPP?
BS: TPP is growing and that creates the need for more structure within the board and the organization as a whole. I aim to leverage the current board’s experience and expertise, as well as tap into the individual members’ interests, to achieve the goals of the organization. Also, I have led many teams in the technology and start-up industries, so I am well-positioned to help TPP build a structure that will ensure sustainable growth, while remaining innovative and relevant.

What do you think is the biggest challenge you face as Chair of the board?
BS: The biggest challenge we are facing right now is that there are so many avenues for growth. We just launched the Youth Justice Program last year—do we launch another program for a specific population or another program for any NYC teenager? Do we grow geographically or continue to focus on NYC? It’s my role to provide focus and to help the board and staff come together to explore these options and develop a truly impactful growth strategy that makes sense for the organization.

What is the best part of working with TPP?
BS: There are three things that I really appreciate about TPP. 1) I love the people—staff, board members, alumni, and volunteers. Everyone is super committed to the true vision of the organization. 2) I really like the shows—you can see the impact of the program on the cast. When I talk to the teenagers, the confidence and enjoyment they get out of the program is very apparent. I also see the parents taking note of that and how proud they are of their teenager. 3) The program is innovative and unique. There aren’t other programs out there bringing the performing arts, social/emotional development, and social change together in a similar way. TPP is really on to something here, and I’m excited to be part of determining what’s next and determining how to make this innovative model available to more teenagers.

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