Sunday, December 11, 2016

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Youth Leadership

TPP programs are led by youth in many ways. They write the scripts for their shows, determine the direction of the program activities by providing feedback, and design and execute their community action projects. But the most essential component of TPP’s youth leadership is the Production Team (PT).

The PT is a group of 10-12 teenagers who are returning to the program for a second year plus two first year participants who are added to provide a first-year perspective to the teams’ decision-making. Their leadership role includes: establishing the vision, mission and goals for the year, hiring and monitoring artists, addressing conflicts and issues with their peers, assessing and planning rehearsals, communicating with fellow participants, constructing the “outline” for the show’s creation from which the cast writes their original musical, and shaping the direction of the program. Each PT member also participates fully in the program as well as serving on the PT.

The PT’s responsibility – like their success over the years – is critical to TPP’s impact. In fact, it is the work of these dedicated young people and their formidable desire to create change that drives the transformative experience that is the heart of TPP.