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Winter 2012 News

By December 3, 2012Recent News

Dear Possibility Project Friends,

People often ask me why I am so confident about the future. The answer is simple – my confidence comes from the stories of the youth with whom we work.

For many of our youth, the story begins with devastating conflicts and challenges – unstable homes, dangerous neighborhoods, bullying, discrimination, abuse – that teach them to doubt themselves and too often lead to a future without hope.

Summer 2012 News

The Possibility Project gives youth the opportunity to transform these stories.
And your support can help make change happen.

In the year ahead, 140 youth in New York City will share their stories and learn to transform doubt into confidence, heartbreak into happiness, and despair into hope. And they will do it together, building lasting bonds across differences and creating a better life for themselves and better communities for all.

One such story belongs to Erica Ortiz, a Possibility Project participant.

“…the people in TPP didn’t dismiss what we had been through as youth. I felt heard for once. I felt like I mattered. I felt like change was not such a farfetched idea anymore.”

Erica’s story, like the hundreds of stories I have heard over the years, makes clear how much The Possibility Project means to our young people as they grow to understand that their stories – like their lives, relationships, and futures – are theirs to create. And as they grow, their confidence grows; and as their confidence grows, their hope grows; and as their hope grows, the future becomes brighter, not just for them but for all whose lives they touch.

Your year-end gift will help make a difference in a young person’s life.
We ask you to make a commitment to tomorrow by providing your support today.
For our young people. For our communities. For a brighter future.

I hope you will make a contribution this year, be a part of our story, and help us give more young people the confidence they need to build safe, peaceful and productive lives and communities.

From all of us at The Possibility Project, best wishes for a peaceful and joyful holiday season!


Paul Griffin
Founder & President

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