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Book: “Write Your Life”

By December 3, 2012Recent News

This year, TPP has teamed up with Youth Communication (YC), a dynamic non-profit that helps teenagers develop their reading and writing skills, to create a book based on “A Place for the Night,” our 2012 foster care cast’s original musical.

The book includes the script for the show, articles about the TPP playmaking process and writing for YC’s foster care magazine Represent, a review of a TPP performance, and other pieces around youth development programs. (View the table of contents)

The writing of the book began two months before the premiere, when YC youth and staff visited a TPP rehearsal. Virginia Vitzthum, the editor of the book, conducted a group interview with both TPP and YC youth about their experience in both programs (excerpts from this interview make up a section of the book). View photos from this interview. Additional content for the book was written by YC participants who attended and observed rehearsals as “embed reporters,” and watched and reviewed performances.

The project’s aim was to amplify the voice of foster care youth, increase awareness of the opportunities that organizations like TPP and YC offer, and increase the awareness of students, teachers, and foster care workers of the realities and resiliency of foster care youth.

The book is available for purchase at our online store.

We are grateful to the Charles Lawrence Keith & Clara Miller Foundation for their support of this project.

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